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Tribal-FERST Environmental Issue Profiles:

Tribal-FERST has information to help all federally recognized Tribal Nations explore and learn about environmental issues impacting Tribal Nation communities. The Environmental Issue Profiles contain links and data from various sources inside and outside EPA for issues and concerns commonly identified by various communities. The Issue Profiles include links for exposure and risk reduction options for Tribal Nation and community use. Use these to explore and learn about environmental issues and to see what other Tribal Nation communities, and communities at large have done.

Please select an issue from those listed below. This will take you to the Exposure and Risk Reduction Options section of the Issue Profile, which has links from EPA and other federal sources that describe actions communities can take to control sources or reduce pollutant concentrations, exposures and risks from environmental issues. In the Community and Tribal Projects section, you can to learn how some communities and tribes identified, evaluated, and managed their environmental issues.

General Information


Environmental Concentrations, Human Exposures, and Health Risks

Interested in learning more about a specific location? Type an address, city or ZIP code into the box on the right side of the map below. Click on the map to see a pop-up with information about ambient concentration, exposure concentration and cancer risk for the chosen location(s). Navigate to the next feature by clicking the small arrow(s) on the top right side of the pop-up.

Exposure and Risk Reduction Option

Strategies Implemented By Other Communities

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