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Use Enviro Atlas below to explore maps that identify sources of pollution in your Tribal Nation community and the surrounding area. These maps do not contain every map layer that may be important to a Tribal Nation community. To help supplement this information, you may want to check with the Tribal Nation administration, health team, and cultural offices for data that could be added to the maps for a more complete picture of your community’s conditions or protected areas. If you add in Tribal Nation specific confidential information, it can be saved under your username and password.

EnviroAtlas Tutorial

Enviro Atlas provides geospatial data, resources, and tools in a mapping format for users to gather information on ecosystem services, their stressors, and human health. For a tutorial on how to use to Enviro Atlas mapping tool to collect environmental data, please use the following link: EnviroAtlas Tutorial

Compare My Area

The Compare My Area tool can be used to gather ecosystem and human health data for your selected area of interest, and compare them to other areas, including county and state averages. For guidance on how to use the Community Data Table to gather environmental and human health-related information for your community, review the following: Compare My Area

Browser Requirements

Please view the Enviro Atlas Questions and Answers and User Guide prior to using Tribal-FERST Maps