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Tribal-FERST Issue Profile: Land Use/Smart Growth

Land use and development decisions affect many of the things that touch people’s everyday lives — their homes, their health, the schools their children attend, the taxes they pay, their daily commute, the natural environment around them, economic growth in their community and opportunities to achieve their dreams and goals.

What, where and how communities build will affect their residents’ lives for generations to come.

“Smart growth” covers a range of development and conservation strategies that help protect our health and natural environment and make our communities more attractive, economically stronger and more socially diverse.

Communities of all sizes across the country are using creative strategies to develop in ways that preserve natural lands and critical environmental areas; protect water and air quality; and reuse already-developed land.

Learn more about land use and smart growth by exploring the links below.

General Information

Environmental Concentrations, Human Exposures, and Health Risks

Exposure and Risk Reduction Options

Strategies Implemented By Other Communities

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