Tribal-FERST Roadmap

The USET Tribal-FERST Roadmap was developed by the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET), in collaboration with the EPA, as a general roadmap for Tribal Nations to follow and modify as needed for their unique applications. It is intended to provide Tribal Nations with a process to:

  • Learn about Tribal Nation environment and environmental health risks and impacts
  • Build the community consensus necessary to take effective action
  • Mobilize a community partnership to take action to reduce impacts and risks
  • Build long-term capacity within your community to understand and reduce environmental impacts and risks
  • Connect ecological functions to an adaptive management planning process for assessing, monitoring and restoring sustainable ecosystem services.

For each step in the USET Tribal-FERST Roadmap there are applicable resources and tools in Tribal-FERST which can help you navigate through the tribal assessment process.

In addition to the tools and pages in Tribal-FERST listed for each of these steps you can check out: